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Have you ever wondered what is the difference between an asset sale and an equity sale?

Do you know how your client profile and segmentation influences valuations in the market?

How would you go about navigating the acquisition process to achieve continuity of client service?

If you want to know the answers to the questions above and more, good news, we have you covered. We run events and webinars throughout the year, designed to educate you on the deal process. Our aim is to give you relevant and valuable information so that you feel prepared when selling an IFA Business. In addition, we invite third party professionals that participate in a deal, such as accountants and solicitors, as well as buyers and sellers we have worked with, to add value with their expertise and experiences.

Some of the topics we cover, include:

- What are the different stages of the deal process,

- When is the best time to sell,

- How to determine your personal criteria,

- How you should prepare for negotiations with buyers,

- How to make your business more attractive to buyers to stand out from other selling firms,

Past Webinars & Events


Webinar: Overview of the Selling Process from a legal perspective

Happened on the 9th of March

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